Venue Consulting & Freelance Packages

Black Label Events team is able to help you and your company grow whether you just need help with better organization so you can better serve your clients or you are starting a new venue and want to get weddings & events on your books. Use our wealth of knowledge to grow your business and become more profitable.

We create custom packages for your specific needs and budget.


Starting at $400

Struggling with finding extra time in your busy life or just can’t seem to find the extra time for emails, phone calls, or social media?

Let us help with:

  • Answering your business phones. Just a few days a months or every day.

  • Organize your current operating system.

  • Organize your work space.

  • Data entry: create spreadsheets for your needs or fill in your data to your current system.

  • Answer email leads and book initial appointments.

  • Post on your social media platforms.

  • Review Marketing materials and help create a cohesive brand.

  • Extremely busy on a certain day and need a trusted team of professionals to take on some of your work load? Yeah, we do that.

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Venue Consulting Options

We can help with the smallest to the biggest of jobs. Weather you are looking to revamp your current system, or starting a new venue.

Let our team get you off on the right foot.

Find what you need help with below and we can build a custom package.

Venue Consulting-

Sales & Marketing

Packages starting at $2,000

Packages can Include but are not limited to:

  • Assist in creating cohesive marketing materials for wedding and event clients.  

  • Increase bookings by teaching proper sales techniques during sales tours. We will join on sales tours and set up mock tours to make sure you are selling at a high level.

  • We will go over the life cycle of leads from when they come in to when they book or say no. We will evaluate why leads aren’t booking and how you can adjust your booking ratios.

  • Create a custom lead sheets to keep track of all  leads, track bookings, and keep a client base for future marketing needs.

  •  Review where your marketing budget is going and decided on the best options for the return.  

  • Review your website and talk about ease of use.

  •  Increase lead inquires through marketing and community awareness.

  • Help increase your event up-sells and total event bill.

  • Create add ons, that your clients will want for their event.

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Venue Consulting-

Hands on help

Packages starting at $500

Packages can Include but are not limited to:

  • Manage all leads and schedule & execute venue tours.

  • Handle all venue planning details including: food & beverage details, floor plans, timelines.

  • Manage events once they are booked to running the event on the day of. Black Label Events will act as the liaison between the client and your venue.

  • Black Label Events can be present on the wedding day to ensure the set up is correct, vendors are given direction, and your staff is following the timeline and BEO.

  • Help plan and execute a bridal open house.  We will help confirm vendors, marketing, event flow, and layout. We will provide you will the tools to execute your next bridal open house in the future.

  • Help create a vendor open house to introduce vendors to your space, and increase vendor awareness.

  • Introduce you to vendors that fits your clientele. These vendors will increase referrals and you will create a mutually beneficial relationship.

  • Create custom venue BEOs.

  • Help get custom floor plans created.

  • Train event staff: Event captains, servers, set up crew, etc.

  • Review current event day procedures and help create a more organized version to save on overhead.

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Venue Consulting-

Venue property Audit

Packages starting at $1000

Not sure if your venue’s flow or layout is working? Looking to add a few upgrades? or Received a few bad reviews on your space? Let us help.

Packages can Include but are not limited to:

  • Walk through the full property and discuss the property to-dos. From must haves to would be nice to have.

  • Help formulate a plan for the future years for property upgrades.

  • Talk about areas for improvement that will help increase profits & sales.

  • Help find a space for a bridal suite or help update a current space.

  • Review current meeting rooms & event spaces to talk about functionality and possible profitable upgrades.

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